Offer interest free installments to your B2B customers

Implement Kontempo’s BNPL solution on your e-commerce site to boost sales and reduce costs.
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How it works


Integrate Kontempo to your sales channels: online, offline or hybrid

Choose the option that best meets your needs

At checkout your client selects Kontempo as a form of payment

In just a click or two, payment is approved and the order is finalized

Complete delivery and receive payment from Kontempo on day 1

We pay you same day and your client pays in easy monthly installments

Increase sales and boost conversion

With Kontempo your clients have the capital they need to grow their business with you
Decrease cart abandonment
Increase average order value
Strengthen customer loyalty

Eliminate payment risk and reduce costs

Kontempo pays you at the time of sale and assumes the payment risk from your customers
Forget about late payments
Forget about the hassle and costs of credit checks and collections
Focus exclusively on your clients and core business

The clear solution for your clients

Supplier credit

Credit card

Payment term
90 days
30 days (average)
30 days (max)
Credit limit
Up to 3x average monthly sales
1x average monthly sales
< 1x average monthly sales
A single fee per transaction
+ Cost of capital 30 days
+ Operating costs
+ Loss from default
+ Interest charges
+ Interchange fees
+ Processing fees
You get paid
On day 1
On day 30
On day 3
Purchase approval
2 days (average)
5 minutes (average)+ Risk of chargebacks
Default: 5-7%
Chargebacks: 2% - 10%


Some feedback we’ve received

"Our interaction with the leadership team has been very positive, with easy accessibility and great service."
- Director
One of the largest payment processors in Mexico
“Fast response time, constant follow up, amazing team!”
- Director
A leading hardware and software wholesaler in Mexico

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